What Are The 5 Crucial Tips For Safe Electrical Repairs?


Majority of people face electrical issues in their homes and offices every now and then. Some of these issues are major and require a professional electrician for repairing. However, most of the electrical repairs are minor and can be done at home by do-it-yourselfers.  In both cases, safety should be your top priority because your life is precious and must be taken care of.

Although, most of the electrical devices are designed to provide electrical safety to the user, but your carelessness and ignorance can defeat those built-in safeguards. There are some precautionary measures that need to be taken before you dig your hands in electrical repairs. Only shutting the power does not guarantee your safety.

Therefore, today, we have thought to educate everybody about some essential tips for safe electric work. Individuals associated with electrical work in Dubai and homeowners must read today’s blog to learn about five tips that can ensure their safety during electrical repairs.

Tips For Safe Electrical Repairs

The rules for electrical wiring, installations and repairing can be complicated, but they are the basic practices that must be followed, especially by do-it-yourselfers. Some significant tips are as follows;

  • Testing for Power supply
  • Ensure grounding and polarization
  • Tighten the wiring connections
  • Always check the amperage ratings
  • Make all connections inside a box

Test for Power Supply

One of the basic precautionary tips to avoid any sort of electric shock is to check the devices and test wires for the power supply. We will not suggest directly shutting off the power supply. You should always check the circuit wires and devices before repairing them. Professional electricians in Dubai always test the devices before starting the work because live wires can give you a severe shock.

Sometimes, the circuit breaker box is also mislabeled due to extended electrical services and might not accurately describe what it can control. Therefore, it is preferred to check the wires before working.

For example:

Suppose you intend to replace the light fixture. For this purpose, you shut off the power to the fixture’s circuit at the circuit breaker. After that, you remove the fixture to expose the electrical box, but on opening the box you find a complex wiring situation inside.

You see four electrical cables, two of them belong to the fixture circuit while the other two belong to another circuit. Now, you might assume that all four are from the same circuit, but reality is totally opposite. You are actually digging in a box of live wires.

Therefore, you should always test for power. If you have a non-contact voltage tester, then it’s a matter of few seconds. You can quickly check if those two wires have power or not. Then you will find their circuit breaker to shut their power supply.

Ensuring Grounding and Polarization

Grounding and polarization are necessary to ensure the safety of modern electrical systems. Now you must be wondering that what is grounding and polarization.

Grounding basically provides a safe way to the excessive electric current to flow. The excess electric current can be produced due to any fault in the circuit. However, polarization makes sure that the electric current is flowing in the right direction, i.e. from the source along the hot wires, returning to the source flowing along the neutral wires.

So, before you begin repairing or replacing a fixture, always follow the manufacturer’s wiring diagram. Also, try to understand the grounding system of your home to keep the polarization and grounding intact. Many electrical services in Dubai train their electricians to test for grounding and polarization before working because it is a basic prerequisite for their safety.

For people in homes, who prefer to fix electrical issues on their own can test for polarization through different ways and tools. You can check the outlets to see whether they are wired correctly or not through plug-in circuit analyzer tools.

Tighten the Wiring Connection

You must be aware of the fact that electricity flows along conductors such as wires, outlets and sockets. For this purpose, conductors must be in order, and connections between them must be tight. It will ensure the smooth flow of electricity from one conductor to another and will not risk your safety.

Harms of Loose Connections

There are many reasons why you should avoid loose connections. Some of them are mentioned below;

  • Loose connections can cause you a great deal because they don’t allow the electric current to pass smoothly, resulting in fire hazards.
  • They are just like speed bumps which restrict the flow of electricity and create friction and heat.
  • Loose connections can also lead to arcing, i.e. the electricity starts jumping through the air from one conductor to another producing great amount of heat.

Therefore, you should prevent fire hazards from occurring by making tight wiring connections that have full contact with the conductors.  Also, use approved wire connectors while splicing the wires together. So, when you are making electrical repairs at home or anywhere else, you must use tight connections. Moreover, you must avoid using push-fit wire connections because they loosen up and fail to keep the conductors intact.

Always check the amperage ratings

Another essential tip while performing electric work in Dubai is to check the amperage rating. Every electrical device or wire has an amperage rating. In case you don’t know what amperage rating is; it is the amount of current a device can safely carry. You must be familiar with the amperage rating of a circuit when you are installing or replacing wires.

Another essential tip while performing electric work in Dubai is to check the amperage rating. Every electrical device or wire has an amperage rating. In case you don’t know what amperage rating is; it is the amount of current a device can safely carry. You must be familiar with the amperage rating of a circuit when you are installing or replacing wires.

Why is it necessary?

Because if you exceed that specific limit, the circuit breaker will not shut off, causing a fire hazard. Another thing that must be considered is the selection of the right amperage. While replacing a switch, light fixture or outlet receptacle, install a device with an amperage that a circuit can carry. It is important to adopt this practice especially when replacing receptacles and will save you from all the electrical hazards.

For example

A receptacle is rated for 20 amps and has a prong shape with one of the vertical slots in T-shape. It will allow only 20 amp appliances which have a similar T-shaped prong for insertion. If you install a 20 amp receptacle into a 15 amp circuit, it will certainly overload the circuit.

However, installing a 15 amp receptacle in a 20 amp circuit is not dangerous at all, and you can safely do it. It is because a plug-in device is drawing less power than the circuit amperage. Therefore, it is perfectly fine for a 20 amp circuit to be wired up with a lesser 15 amp receptacle.

Make All Connections inside a Box

The best and the common practice is to make all wiring connections in a box or inappropriate enclosure. It has been endorsed by National Electrical Code as well. The major reason behind this concept is that it not only keeps the connections protected but also saves people from accidental contact with the connections. Enclosures also secure conductors, e.g. electrical wires and devices.

Therefore, whenever you are about to make electrical repairs that involve wire splicing, always install a junction box. You should secure the cables inside that junction box with the help of cable clamps. Remember, leaving a splice or any other connection exposed can cause you harm and makes you prone to electric shocks. It is quite a simple rule and must be followed while dealing with electrical equipment by putting laziness aside.

Moreover, never do anything that somehow damages the insulation of the conductor. Always use insulated pliers while working with electricity and stand on a wooden board. It minimizes the risk of electric shock when you are working with a circuit breaker or dealing with electric wires.

Professional Electrical Services

There are many companies that offer professional electric work services in Dubai for homes, offices or other commercial spaces. One such company is Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC. They have qualified and trained electricians who are aware of all the safety tips while handling electric wires. They offer top quality electric services for both residential and commercial areas at affordable prices. It is recommended to let experts handle electric repairs because they are most qualified and experienced. Instead of putting yourselves in danger, let the electricians do their job. To book your service and to get further information regarding our electrical maintenance services, call us today at our hotline number or email us.  


For some major electrical repairs you need a certified electrician, but there are some minor replacements that can be done on DIY basis at home. However, you should never indulge in any electrical work without taking necessary safety measures. Your personal safety should be your top priority, and this is the reason that we have enlisted five important tips for safe electrical repairs at home. By following these tips you can maintain and upgrade your electrical devices without putting yourself in danger.

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