False Ceiling Dubai

A false ceiling is also known as a dropped ceiling, a T-bar ceiling or a grid ceiling. This type of ceiling is a secondary ceiling hanging below the original one, and its main purpose is to add beauty and design to your space. False ceiling in Dubai has been a staple architectural design in all types of residential and commercial spaces, wherein owners usually request for this type of technical services for aesthetic reasons.

Uses of False Ceiling

False ceiling services have been available all over the world since centuries ago. According to history, it all started in Japan and later was also used in other countries especially in the construction of theaters where the false ceiling has always been famous for eliminating echoes. It helped in improving the whole acoustic of the theater.

Another use of false ceiling is to hide ugly piping and electrical wirings. Moreover, it gives space for allowing repair technicians and inspectors to easily reach these wirings by crawling right into these dropped ceiling spaces. As for commercial and industrial areas, a false ceiling is a major part of any construction for this type of architectural design can help hide problems or other issues in the structure of the building. False ceiling is also used in concealing the sprinkler systems for fire prevention, which is a standard in every commercial space and buildings.

Advantages and Disadvantages of False Ceiling

Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLCC in Dubai has only one goal, and that is to give out the best false ceiling services in Dubai to our valued customers. We also believe that as service providers for this type of technical skills, we must always be honest with all our services. Therefore, we always start by informing our customers about the advantages and the disadvantages of the services they wish to get.


False ceiling has many advantages, and these include fire safety and easy modifications. Not many people know it, but a false ceiling can help prevent fire inside your homes for most of the ceiling tiles used in making a drop ceiling are made of materials that can’t be easily burnt. As for modification purposes in the future, having false ceiling means the panels can be easily removed to offer instant access for inspectors and electricians to do repairs and alterations. We have the most professional false ceiling contractors in Dubai who are expert in such types of installation services.


As for the disadvantages of using a false ceiling, there are only minimal points to be worried about like the removable panels used in making the drop ceiling may be susceptible to easy breakage. However, by choosing the right material for your panels, this issue can be prevented. Another drawback of using a false ceiling is that homeowners will not be able to see immediately which electrical wirings need repairing. Moreover, if there are leaks in the piping and other damages in the structure of your building, you will not come to know about them at your earliest.

Here at BFT, you will find the most affordable and quality false ceiling services in Dubai. For more information about false ceiling installation, you can email Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC in Dubai or call our hotline numbers for reservations.

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