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There are so many uses of partition walls, and mostly it is used to give privacy to certain areas in your home, office space and other types of floor areas. Homeowners and commercial building owners must know the difference between a partition wall and a bearing wall, and for those who still do not know the difference let us give you a brief explanation.

Difference between Partition Wall & Bearing Wall

A partition wall which is usually made of glass, wood or gypsum materials are walls used to divide the interior space of a certain room but know that this type of wall does not support any weight of the whole structure of your home or building. Bearing walls, on the other hand, function as dividers with an added function to support the whole structure of your home or building by holding up certain parts of the house. Partition walls in Dubai are a lot easier to install and are easily constructed for this type of wall uses thin and lightweight materials, and can only occupy less area of the floor.

Glass Partitions

Glass partition walls are usually famous for the main purpose of infusing light into space. Such type of partition walls are also popularly used in offices and retail outlets to give a modern and luxurious touch to the area. Glass partitions which are commercially manufactured usually differ in how they are made which includes a frameless glass partition, a framed glass partition and a mix of plasterboard and partial glass walls for a more decorative effect.

The many advantages of using glass partition walls in your space as it can maximize the effect of natural light and help cut down on energy expenditures. It can also make the area look even more spacious compared to using wooden partition walls. It can add a luxurious touch to any space and can enhance the mood as well. Another advantage of using glass partitions in Dubai is its cost-effectiveness, for when you wish for future expansion, these glass partitions can be easily removed and installed at any area you wish to transfer it to.  Lastly, the best benefit of using glass partitions in your office space and homes is for its privacy purposes. For those who wish that clear glass partitions still are not too private for them, there are different types of glass that will suit their needs. We suggest a tinted or colored glass and frosted glass to help minimize noise pollution in your work area.

Wooden Partitions

Wooden partitions in Dubai work the same way as the glass partition on the privacy side of things. But compared to the glass partitions, wooden partitions are less expensive and cannot lessen the noise pollution in your work area. Another advantage of using wooden partitions is you have numerous options for designs, and it can act as decorative furniture in your space as well. Wooden perforation as partition walls have been very famous among hotels, restaurants and even home space.

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