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Wall partitions are usually used in all types of spaces like your homes, offices, and all kinds of commercial areas, which include hospitals, restaurants and many more. There are different kinds of wall partitions used, which usually vary according to what type of materials these partitions are made of. There are three kinds of materials used for wall partitions, and these are the gypsum block, wood, and glass.

What is Gypsum Block?

Gypsum block, which is used in making gypsum partitions in Dubai is a lightweight building material composed of solid gypsum. It is made of gypsum plaster mixed with water which is then molded to form gypsum blocks with standard formats and weight. The use of gypsum products is not available for wall partitions only, today in this modern-day and age, gypsum usage has been expanding and is also used in surface decoration, drop ceiling panels and floor tiles.

Different Types of Gypsum Partitions

Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC is one of the many gypsum partition work companies in Dubai who know how to install different types of gypsum partitions. The different types of gypsum partitions include the gypsum board, decorative gypsum board, gypsum hollow of the plate and fiber gypsum board.

Gypsum Board

Gypsum board is made up of plasterboard with both sides of the surface covered with lightweight board material. This type of material is used for gypsum partition work in Dubai and is light in texture, high in strength and not fire hazardous. This type of gypsum board is also water-resistant and is used to humidify room walls.

Decorative Gypsum

Decorative gypsum board is also used for gypsum work in Dubai. It is made of gypsum as its raw material but with an added fiber material for decorative patterns and floral plates. This type of gypsum partition is best used as an interior decoration for rooms with an added advantage of being moisture-proof, fire-proof and most of all the easiest kind of decorative partition to install. Decorative gypsum partition is also easy to clean and can last a lifetime, which can help lessen your maintenance expenses as well.

Gypsum Hollow

Gypsum hollow of the plate is another type of gypsum partition which is made of gypsum and hollow sheet metal as its raw materials. This type of gypsum partition material is one of the most widely used for interior walls of office space because it is not only lightweight but is easy to install as well.

File Gypsum Board

Fiber gypsum board is made up of gypsum and fiber-reinforced materials which are usually used for its bending strength. It is commonly used as wall partitions with an added feature of permanent shelves and cabinets that were usually made of wood materials.

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