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Curtain fixing is one of the main factors in any residential or commercial area renovation that makes it look luxurious, homey and welcoming. Just like the wallpaper fixing, it is one of the main factors in the renovation, and interior designing of a newly built home, office and other types of commercial areas. Curtain fixing is also one of the top priorities when interior designers are doing a space renovation or updating it.

Different Types of Curtain Fixing in Dubai

Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC is a prominent curtain fixing company in Dubai. We know what type of curtain fixing your space needs. For those possible clienteles who still don’t know what they want, let us give you a specific run-through what types of curtain fixing are available.

Curtain fixing usually vary according to the length which can either be;

  • A floor to ceiling majestic curtain piece
  • A shorter length which only covers the length of your window
  • Or a much shorter one which only covers half of your window

Other types of curtain fixing may also vary according to the texture of the fabric;

  • It can either be thick when you need a total sunlight blockage during the day which hotels usually use.
  • Or it can be thinner known as sheer curtain fixing if you prefer your space to exude a more resort feel, wherein the sun can shine through your glass doors and windows,

Other types of curtain fixing services in Dubai, our company is expertly known for also include the box pleated curtain fixing, the cased heading curtain fixing, the eyelet curtain fixing, the hanging curtain fixing, the sheer curtain fixing and the tab top curtain fixing. Our company can also do the pelmet and valance fixing that are the decorative frameworks used to hide the rods that your curtains are attached to. A pelmet and valance are shaped like a box, often made of wood or chipboard and covered by the decorative fabric.

When choosing a curtain for your space, we usually suggest to our customers that they must first consider what type of aura they want for their room and they can start from there. If you want a more luxurious, five-star hotel-like feel to your space, then we suggest you get a box pleated curtain fixing which is usually a tailored style curtain and is perfect for rooms that are designed more formally.

Why Choose Us?

Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC is one of the best companies in Dubai that can fulfill all your curtain fixing needs. Our company is composed of trained curtain fixers in Dubai, and all our staffs and technicians are reliable, trustworthy and hardworking individuals. Our company is one of the few who values our customers more than anything else. By that being said, we make sure all our customers’ expectations are met, and we provide our 101%. We offer the highest quality curtain fixing service in Dubai that not many companies could ever offer.

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