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Electrical work service is one of the most important services to keep in mind when owning a house, an office, a commercial or industrial place that uses an extensive amount of appliances and machines that consumes a whole lot of electricity. Appliances and machinery that use electricity can be the main cause of fire in every residential and commercial area. For owners to prevent such horrifying event, one must at least seek the help and maintenance expertise of a well-trained and expert professional electrician in Dubai to deliver all the electrical services that your place needs.

Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC is a company that can be trusted and is affordable compared to other companies that deliver electrical work jobs. Our company is one of the most famous electrical service company in Dubai that can deliver all types of electrical and repairing which can do the job done fast, on time and with the most reasonable price tags for every service that our customers need.

Types of Electrical Services In Dubai

Our company offers different types of electrical services in Dubai for different types of areas, and that includes the residential areas, the commercial areas, and industrial areas as well.

For Residential Area

For residential areas, our company offers different types of electrical work in Dubai which include installations of electrical outlets and switches, installation of breakers, fuses and GFI, installation of generators, lighting designs for indoors and outdoors, installation of smoke and fire detectors, installation of generators, phone, cable and internet wiring installation, and home theater installation. All these services also come with a maintenance package which can be used monthly. However, there is also an opportunity to avail these services on an annual basis and can be discussed upon request.

For Commercial Area

We also provide electrical services for commercial areas that makes the scope of our services broad. You will find a wider range of services under one roof. Electrical work services for commercial areas that are available in our company include services such as;

  • Alarm and video system installation
  • Computer and communication cable installation
  • Generators
  • Transformer checking and maintenance
  • Bus duct installation
  • Code corrections
  • UPS system installation
  • Energy-saving system installation
  • Landscape and outdoor lighting installation
  • Installation of new outlets and circuits for new commercial construction areas
  • Office wiring
  • Parking lot lighting
  • All system upgrades

BFT is a renowned electrical maintenance company in Dubai that also offers special services which include the installation of standby power systems, smoke and fire alarms, all types of telecommunication systems and solar panel installations. All these services also come with a maintenance package in which our clients may have the option of choosing the service on a monthly basis or annual basis.

For more information and inquiries regarding our services and company, the Best and Final Touch Technical and Building Cleaning Services LLC, you can contact our hotline number or email us at the provided email address. Get rid of all stress by booking your desired service now.


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